One of the joys of selling books is locating a book that a  customer has been searching for a long time.  Before I can locate the book, I need to know a customers wants - thus this page.  

Is there a charge?  - No, there is no charge for this service.

Do I have to buy the book if you locate a copy? - No, people's research needs change and you may not need the book when it turns up or it  might be more than you budgeted for the book.

How long will it take you to find the book? - To be honest, I do not know.  It took me 12 years to find a particular book on one my families and I have been looking for 15 years for another book. Some times a book will turn up in a week. Genealogies are often printed in small runs and often difficult to find. 

What type of books will you locate? - Only books of genealogical interest!

What information do you need? - Just fill in the form below, be assured I do not share or sell  customer information. In the family/place box place the family surname or locality you are seeking.  If you are seeking a book on the Cox family put Cox in the box.  If you seeking a book on Logan County Illinois place Logan in the family/place box and IL in the state box.  For the state you will need to use the 2 letter postal abbreviation.  In the title box place the title and in the author box place any information that describes the book. The last two boxes are pull down menus requesting information  that I will use to determine if a book is suitable for you.

What if I am not looking for a specific book but any book on a certain family or area? - In the title box enter, Coles County Illinois, any book or Madigan Family, any book. 

How do I know that you receive this information? - After pressing the submit button you should have a confirmation page.  If you do not receive this page, resubmit the info.  I will not contact you unless I locate the book.

Hint: If you plan to submit several books, on the confirmation page use your Browser's back button to come back to this form.  If you use the link it will clear the fields.  The back button will not clear the fields. 

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