Often I am asked how long it may take to receive a book. My reply is I don't know. I use the post office as my carrier of parcels. When I use to mail catalogs I noticed there was no rhyme or reason on the speed of delivery, customers in California received lists before customers in Wisconsin. Packages and first class mailed on the same day can arrive the same day and sometimes the package arrives before the letter. For your amusement here is the delivery time of some packages. Like the stock market past performance is no indication of future performance.
Mail FromMail ToDate MailedDate Received
Charleston BRASHER FALLS, NY3/183/22
CharlestonMOUNT HOREB, WI 3/183/20
CharlestonFRANKFORT, IN 3/183/22
CharlestonDAVENPORT, ND3/183/21
CharlestonBAYTOWN, TX3/183/22
CharlestonRICHMOND, IN3/183/25
CharlestonEFFINGHAM, IL3/223/25
CharlestonEAST MOLINE, IL 3/233/27
CharlestonCHARLESTON, WV3/253/27
CharlestonUTICA, NY4/14/6
CharlestonROMEOVILLE, IL 3/253/27
CharlestonBEARDSTOWN, IL3/253/26
CharlestonKENILWORTH, IL3/253/27
CharlestonPRINCETON, KY3/273/30
CharlestonLEAWOOD, KS3/253/27
CharlestonBUFFALO, NY3/253/28
Charleston ELDON, MO3/263/29
CharlestonDIXON, IL3/284/1
Charleston DUNDEE, IL3/294/1
CharlestonSAINT CHARLES, MO3/294/1
CharlestonMAPLE LAKE, MN4/14/5
Charleston BLOOMFIELD, IA4/24/5
CharlestonHOUSTON, TX4/14/8
CharlestonCLARKS SUMMIT, PA4/14/7
Charleston ZIMMERMAN, MN4/14/5
Charleston RISING SUN, IN4/14/6
CharlestonBELLEVILLE, IL4/64/8
CharlestonFOREST PARK, IL4/64/8
CharlestonVERGENNES, VT4/154/19
CharlestonPAULDING, OH4/84/11
CharlestonROANOKE, VA 4/84/12
CharlestonPLATTSBURGH, NY4/94/15
CharlestonALBANY, OR4/84/15
CharlestonOXFORD, PA4/94/11
CharlestonFRAMINGHAM, MA4/94/15
CharlestonASHLAND, VA4/134/17
CharlestonTARPON SPRINGS, FL4/134/18
CharlestonCOLUMBIA, MO4/154/18
CharlestonLEWISVILLE, PA4/154/17
CharlestonEAST MOLINE, IL 4/164/19
CharlestonLAWRENCEVILLE, GA4/164/19
Charleston SAN ANTONIO, TX 4/224/26
CharlestonEVANSVILLE, IN4/224/24
CharlestonTIMBER LAKE, SD4/265/1
CharlestonSABINA, OH4/224/27
Charleston GAITHERSBURG, MD4/234/26
CharlestonLUFKIN, TX 4/234/29
Charleston CINCINNATI, OH4/254/27
Charleston WATERBURY, VT4/255/3
CharlestonRAYLAND, OH 4/244/27
Charleston FOND DU LAC, WI 4/295/2
CharlestonFORT MADISON, IA4/295/1
CharlestonPASS CHRISTIAN, MS 4/295/3
CharlestonKILGORE, TX5/65/10
CharlestonRICHMOND, IN5/65/10
CharlestonSAN DIEGO, CA5/75/16
CharlestonHOUSTON, TX5/75/14
Charleston KEYSVILLE, VA5/65/11
CharlestonBILOXI, MS5/175/21
CharlestonRIVERSIDE, CA5/65/10
CharlestonETOWAH, TN5/145/18
CharlestonCOWPENS, SC5/145/20
CharlestonSAN DIEGO, CA5/155/23
CharlestonLOS ANGELES, CA5/155/23
CharlestonCHATTANOOGA, TN5/215/24
CharlestonFENTON, MO5/285/30
CharlestonMAUMEE, OH 5/285/30