5745(Adams) The Adams Family of Martha's Vineyard
Henry Scott, Mercury Pub., Rutland, VT, 1987
64 pp, photos, desc of Henry & Edith Squire, $20.00

7840(Agassiz) Adventurous Alliance The Story of the Agassiz Family of Boston
Louise Thrap, Little Brown & CO, Boston, 1959
354 pp, index, dj, biography, she founder of Radclife, he a naturalist, $10.00

9318(Albrecht) The Albrechts 1836-1936
A Cmmte, 1936?
39 pp, many photos, book block disbound from covers, desc of Christian 1777-1843, $17.00

fa15(Allen) Lewis Allen of Watertown Farms (Weston) MA 1665 & His Desc
A.H. Bent, Boston, 1900
35 pp, index, wraps, stain to covers, $25.00

1545(Allen) Lewis Allen of Watertown Farms (Weston) MA 1665 & His Descendants
A.H. Bent, Boston, 1900
33 pp, wraps, vg, index, $25.00

7961(Atkinson) Descendants of Charles John Atkinson and Ann Smith
Lois Wilson, Helen Cowan, B.Y.U., Provo Utah, nd, prior to 1962
630 pp, index, photos, Charles b & d England spouse and children moved to Utah, corrections, $50.00

fb52(Baldwins) Two English Families in America Baldwins --- Roods
E.F. Baldwin, Press of Braunworth & Co, Brooklyn NY, 1933
43 pp, vg, photos, desc of Ornan Baldwin of CT, NY b 1808 d 1878, $40.00

9236(Ball) Descendants of Rebecca, Perry, & Albert Ball
Wilbur Ball, Keith Watkins & Sons, Providence UT, 1969
88 pp, index, photos, desc of Adonijah of VT & IL early 1800's family them moved west, $30.00

10300(Barber) Genealogy of the Descendants of John Barber of Worchester MA -Section 2
Edmund Dana Barbour, 1909
ca 420 pp, index, ex- lib and has been rebound in cloth, starts on page 407 but is complete on linegae of John Barber, $30.00

6032(Bartlett) Pilgram Robert Bartlett 1603-1676 & Some of His Descendants
Robert Bartlet, Soc of the Desc of Robert Bartlett, 1980
24 pp, wraps, photos, $5.00

8147(Barton) Lieutenant William Barton of Morris Co. New Jersey and His Descendants
Wm. E. Barton, Oak Park IL, 1900
148 pp, chipped wraps, index, photos, Wm. from England died 1829 in NJ, family in 1840's to IL, $38.00

9658(Beachy) Family Record of Samuel J. Beachy & Eliz Yoder & Their Descendants
Lucy Eash, Ida Beachy, Milersburg, IN, 1946
80 pp in worn wraps, Samuel b 1825 in PA and died 1921 in Arthur IL, $35.00

8160(Beachy) Family Record of Samuel J. Beachy & Eliz Yoder & Their Descendants
Lucy Eash, Ida Beachy, Milersburg, IN, 1946
80 pp in worn wraps, Samuel b 1825 in PA and died 1921 in Arthur IL, $20.00

1735(Beal) William Beal, Bucks Co PA ...
B.D. Lowe, Durham NC, 1961
134 pp, index, died 1714, $25.00

9807(Bear) A Genealogy of the Bear family and Biographical Record of the Desc of Jacob
Walter Scott, Bear, Central Printing & Pub. House, Harrisburg PA, 1906
216 pp, index, poor condition with losse pages and broken hinges, $40.00

9001(Bender) Descendants of Daniel Bender
C.W. Bender, Berlin Pub. Co., Berlin PA, 1948
192 pp, index, Daniel of Germany d 1842 in Germany family in MD, $50.00

10011(Billington) Families of the Pilgrims, John Billington
Hubert Kinney Shaw, MA Soc Mayflower Desc, Boston MA, 1955
5 pp, stapled wraps, covers first 3 generations, $15.00

9339(Binney) Genealogy of the Binney Family in the United States
Charles Binney, Joel Munsell's Sons, Albany NY, 1886
278 pp, index, photos, pages aged, corners worn, desc of Capt John of Hull MA, d 1698, $80.00

7550(Bishop) Family History of John Bishop of Whitburn Scotland, Robert Bishop of Oxford
OH, Ebenezer Bishop of McDonough Co , IL, Stanley Scott, 1951
148 pp, index, photos, also John Scott of Ireland,, $25.00

7941(Bishop) Family History of John Bishop of Whitburn Scotland, Robert Bishop of Oxford
OH, Ebenezer Bishop of McDonough Co , IL, Stanley Scott, 1951
148 pp, index, photos, also John Scott of Ireland, solied covers, $25.00

7940(Bishop) Family History of John Bishop of Whitburn Scotland, Robert Bishop of Oxford
OH, Ebenezer Bishop of McDonough Co , IL, Stanley Scott, 1951
148 pp, index, photos, also John Scott of Ireland, solied covers, $25.00

1417(Black) Historical Sketch of Samuel & Margaret Black , John & Elizabeth Oliver ...
J.G. Black, Wooster, OH, nd
20 pp, wraps, covers about detached & one page detached, narrative from not much info, poor cond, $10.00

9106(Blake) Away Back When
Maude Cole, 1976 revised ed
164 pp, wraps, photos, recollections of the author in OR her father, Ezra Blake came to OR in Sheridan area in early 1900's, $15.00

5784(Blake) Blake Family A Genealogical History of Wm. Blake of Dorchester & His Desc
Samuel Blake, Boston, 1857
140 pp, index, spine worn and reglued, edge wear, familiy in England & States, $65.00

9858(Blakenship) The Blackenship Family History
Col. Leslie Blackinship, ?, reprint McDowell Publication, Utica KY, 1992
401 pp, index, wraps with covers detached, family in NC, KY, TN, $5.00

4234(Bogardus) Anneke Jans Bogardus and Her New Amsterdam Estate Past and Present
Indianapolis, IN, 1924
14 pp, wraps, Appendix H, $10.00

4236(Bogardus) Anneke Jans Bogardus and Her New Amsterdam Estate Past and Present
Thomas Wikoff, Indianapolis, IN, 1925
35 pp, wraps, Appendix J, $10.00

4122(Booth) High Water over the Road Seven Generations of an American Family
Ted Booth, Grand Rapids MI, 1968
238 pp, index, dj, narrative form a lot about Ted the author, $15.00

7607(Borden) The Family Heritage Book
Beatrice Bailey, PA, 1980
ca 125 pp, a rip off book, includes a sectionm on how to do genealogy & liste of all Bordens in US, $2.00

7608(Borden) The Family Heritage Book
Beatrice Bailey, PA, 1980
ca 125 pp, a rip off book, includes a sectionm on how to do genealogy & liste of all Bordens in US, $2.00

fb56(Bosanquets) The Story of the Bosanquets
G. Lee, Cantebury England, 1966
168 pp, index, desc of Jacob 1713-1767, large fo chart contain genealogical info, book contains general, $15.00

7626(Bowman) Mount Clifton Diaries 1872-1884 of Elizabeth Boude Bowman
Clarence Bowman, Summerville SC, 1988
85 pp in folder, this is an index to the diary not the actual diary, family in VA, $10.00

9997(Boyce) The Genealogical Record of One Branch of the Boyce Family in America
Earnest Boyce, 1972
ca 80 pp, wraps, ex - LoC, photos, descendants of David, came to US in 1764 to Abbeville District SC, $35.00

10825251(Boynton) The Boynton Family A Genealogy of the Desc. of Wm. & John Boynton ...
J.F. Boynton, 1897
350 pp, index, ex-LoC, rebound in the past, covers faded, 1st 20 pp loose, settled Essex Co MA, $40.00

13972(Bradley) Bradley of Essex County Early Records from 1643 to 1746
Eleanor Peters, 1915, reprint Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie MD. 1986
213 pp, index, 5.25" x 8" paper back, notes in margins, mostly follows Daniel of Rowley also other lines, $15.00

8163(Braiden) Braiden Family History Descendants of Roger Aschem Braiden
Marian Braiden Fisher, 1955
43 pp, index, photos, Roger b. 1796 d. 1845 in Castile NY, $32.00

fb37(Breck) The Sherborn Gardner MA Brecks
A.H. Bent, Boston, 1902
16 pp, wraps, desc of John, d. 1660, $25.00

8161(Breck) The Sherborn & Gardner, MA Brecks ...
Allen Bent, Press of David Clapp, Boston, 1902
16 pp, wraps, desc of John and his son Thomas of Sherborn, 1656, $25.00

8057(Brecks) The Sherborn and Gardner, Mass. Brecks Desc of John Breck ...
Allen Bent, Press of David Clapp, Boston, 1902
16 pp, wraps, reprinted from NEGHR, Oct 1902, spine torn, John d 1660, $25.00

fb50(Brights) The Brights of Suffolk England Represented in America by the Desc of Henry
J.B. Bright, Boston, 1858
345 pp, index, corners worn & spine chipped, Henry settled in Watertown MA, $85.00

6541(Brookfield) Twelve Generations in America Being the Lineage of Wm. Lord Brookfield...
Henry Brookfield, The Tuttle Pub Co, Rutland VT, 1937
310 pp, index, weak hinges, cover worn, note this is a lineage of Brookfield family not descendants, $45.00

fb32(Brooks) My Great Grandfather's House in Exeter NH
J.E. Brroks, 1932
64 pp, some desc of Thomas d 1667 Condcord, also Pike, James, Deacons, $15.00

8299(Brossard) Alphonse & Mary Hobson Brossard
Edgar Brossard, Salt Lake City, 1972
213 pp, photos, family in Utah, Alphonse 1846-1927, $25.00

10062(Broussard) Cajun Roots The Genealogy of Joesph Octave Theriot & Viola Broussard
Beverly Theriot Coleman, Andrus Speedi Kopi, Lake Charles LA, 1982
ca 220 pp, wraps, ex-LoC, family from France to LA in lates 1600's, $25.00

4496(Brown) Genealogy of Rasselas Wilcox Brown & Mary Potter Brownell Brown ...
Isaac B. Brown, nd,
139 pp, index, Wilcox, Avery, Copp, Hazzard, Lord, Potts and more, pub early 1900s, $40.00

fb55(Brown) The Ancestors & Descendants of Luke Rodgers & Sarah Wright Brown
E.B. Leatherbee, Boston, 1907
71 pp, family from Concord MA, $40.00

9696(Browne) The Chad Browne Memorial Consisting of Genealogical Memoirs .. .
Abby Buckley, 1888, facsimile reprint, no date
173 pp in cardstock covers, index, Chad came to Boston 1638 died 1665 family in New England, $20.00

6085(Bryant) From A B to Z - A Genealogy
Margaret Garrett, Burlington KS, nd
234 pp, index, various lines, Bryant is main line, $25.00

8529(Buchanan) The Buchanans of Ohio
Jim Buchanan, Heritage Books, Inc, 1987
170 pp, index, wraps, not a lineage but collection of data from Ohio on this family, $17.00

8553(Bull) Record of the Descendants of John & Elizabeth Bull Early Settlers in PA
James Bull, 1919, reprint Walsworth, Marceline MO, nd ca 80's
387 pp, index, cover wear, both died 1736 Montgomery Co PA, $30.00

0(Burkhart) John Burkhart Family History 1747-1985
Raymond Ulrich, 1985
565 pp + index, family of PA, $40.00

10326(Button) The Diary of Martha Jones Button Her Journal of 1866-1872
Sandra Gorin, Gorin Genealogical Pub., Glasgow KY, 1993
94 pp, index, spiral bound wraps with sun cover, diary of 21 year old in Barren Co KY, $15.00

5621(Calvin) The Diary of Calvin Fletcher Vol 1 1817-1838
Gary Thornbrough, ed., IN Hist. Soc., Indianapolis, 1972
516 pp, index, early lawyer and state senator of Indianapolis and land speculator, $15.00

6476(Cameron) The Clan Cameron A Pattriarchy Beset
Charles Fraser, W & A.K. Johnston and G.W. Bacon Ltd, London, 1953
31 pp, notes about the family, $15.00

7016(Camody) Camodys Across America
Mary Whitney, 1990
list of all families in america with this surname, another ripoff, $5.00

6346(Campbell) Journal of the The Clan Campbell Society - 2 issues
The Clan Campbell Soc, Virginia Beach VA, Vol 8 #1, Vol 10 # 1
51 + 55 pp, wraps, photos, lot of plaid and some history, $6.00

7579(Carrell) The Descendants of James Carrell & Sarah Dungan His Wife
Ezra Carrell, 1928
708 pp, index, hinges repaired, desc of James of PA, some underlining, $75.00

FC9(Carter) Bi-Centenary Memorial of Jeremiah Carter ...
Thomas-Maxwell Potts, Canonsburg PA, 1883
304 pp, ind, Jeremiah d 1736-7 of Chester Co PA and desc, $65.00

9589(Chambers) Chambers - A Study of Williams Chambers 1926 book
Wm. Chambers, no date ca 1980's
86 pp, spiral bound wraps, author attempt to copy the 1926 work, families in VA & PA, $18.00

2770(Chandler) A Sketch of the Chandler Family in Worcester Massachusetts
Mrs. E.O.P. Sturgis, Worchester Press of C. Hamilton, 1903
37 pp, wraps with wear, a historical sketch of the family of this town, $23.00

7905(Chapin) Proceedings at the Meeting of the Chapin Family in Springfield MA, 1862
Samuel Bowles & Co, Springfield, 1862
97 pp, chipped wraps, list of members, letter and addresses presented, $30.00

FC1(Cheney) Reminiscenes of Ednah Dow Cheney
Lee & Shepard Pub., Boston, 1902.
good cond., little wear on cover, tight, $15.00

10019(Chilton) Families of the Pilgrims, James Chilton
Hubert Kinney Shaw, MA Soc Mayflower Desc, Boston MA, 1955
7 pp, stapled wraps, covers first 3 generations, $15.00

6793(Clendenin) Autobiography of Henry Clendenin, editor
Henry Clendenin, State Register Co, Springfield, IL, 1926
421 pp, index, creased wraps, editor of Springfield IL paper, also a look at Illinois, $15.00

1544(Cleveland) A Genealogy of Benjamin Cleveland A Great Grandson of Moses Cleveland
H.G. Cleveland, Chicago, 1879
260 pp, index, top of pp water stain, top cover wrinkled from water, cover wear, MA & CT family, some added notes in margin, $45.00

fc29(Clock) Terry Clock Chronology
J.B. Mussey & R.M. Canedy, 1948
30 pp, index, wrps, strange account of Eli Terey fam & his clock bus, $20.00

9571(Coffin) A History of Jesse Coffin and His Descendants
Lucile Scott, no date ca 1987
ca 200 pp, photos, Jesse born 1818 NC d. IN, also Garrett, Yunt, Marker and Rushton families, $25.00

9572(Coggeshalls) The Coggeshalls in America Genealogy of the Descendants of John Coggeshall
Charles Pierce Coggeshall & Thellwell R. Coggeshall, 1930, reprint 1982
395 pp, index,vg, revised edition, John died 1647 Newport RI, $35.00

4673(Coleman) Experiences of an Arkansas Backwoodsman
James Coleman, Vantage Press, NY, 1976
158 pp, growing up in AR, as a teacher/coach and in military, $6.00

10648(Colladay) Jacob Wooward Colladay & His Descendants
Wayne Jones, D. Armstrong Inc., Houston TX, 1976
129 pp, index, soilled wraps, family in PA, wife Julia Ann Stull, $20.00

9326(Conrad) John Conrad Family 1905
no info
Diary from the fall of 1905 in Crawford County by a young girl & her 15 year old brother, photocopy of the reedited diary from, $10.00

10020(Cooke) Families of the Pilgrims, James Chilton
Hubert Kinney Shaw, MA Soc Mayflower Desc, Boston MA, 1955
11 pp, stapled wraps, covers first 3 generations, $15.00

9005(Coray) Coray & Lusk Family History
Jennie Weeks & Katherine Taylor, Salt Lake City, 1968
ca 500 pp, index, ex-lib, compiled family sheets and history, tons of info not easy to follow lines Coray back to John, son Issac, $40.00

6786(Coultons) The Amazing Story of the Coultons in America
Sharon Taylor, Halberts Inc, nd
one of the dreaded books, more or less an address book, $5.00

fc38(Cox) Ancestors & Descandants of Wesley & Huldah Wilson Cox
M.A. Manz, Austin TX, 1983
47 pp, wrps, index, family in IA, IN, GA, $15.00

10623(Cox) Cox Family Outline
Elizabeth Berry Buffa , 1977
ca 50 pp punched in folder, Cox family in Chester Co PA from early 1700's, $20.00

13060(Crane) The Crane Family History
Sarah Schenck Crane, The Ebbert & Richardson Co., Cincinnati, 1911
67 pp, dj, photos, narrative style of family in NY, IN, OH, $50.00

1826(Crosby) A Crosby Family - Descendants of Josiah Crosby & Sarah Fitch
N. Crosby, Lowell MA, 1877
143 pp, frontis detached, hinges weak, cover wear, chips from spine, MA family, $38.00

9526(Crowders) The Crowders in Moultrie County Illinois
Roy Crowder, 1966
323 pp, index, desc of Robert & Barbara Prater Crowder children born 1828-1850, $40.00

4644(Curd) The Curd and Allied Families
Wm. Curd & Lucy Truog, Madison WI, 1927
96 pp, index, wraps, desc of Joseph, family in Goochland Co VA, also Perkins & Brent families, $25.00

3934(Cutter) A History of the Cutter Family of New England
William Cutter, David Clapp & Son, Boston, 1871
363 pp, index, rebound with new covers, desc of Richard d 1693 in MA, $80.00

8020(Dahl) Banker Dahl of Sourh Dakota
A.E. Dahl, Fenske Book Co, Rapid City SD, 1965
279 pp, chipped dj, banker in SD, photos, $10.00

8585(Darling) Memorial to my Honored Kindered
Charles W. Darling, Utica NY, 1888
112 pp, leather bound wraps, with split at front hinge, Chauncey, Darling, Ely family, $50.00

4617(Day) A Genealogical Register of the Descendants in the Male Line of Robert Day
George Day, Northampton, 1848
129 pp, index, new spine, 2nd edition, Robert d 1648, $65.00

fd24(De Villeneuve) Madame De Villeneuve Foundress ... Society of the Holy Cross
A. De Salinis, 1981
278 pp, wrps, index, $10.00

2136(Dees) Memoirs of Jesse Walter Dees - Homer, Illinois
J.W. Dees, Parthenon Press, Nashville, 1962
109 pp, methodist minister of IL, cloth covers with soil, $8.00

fd19(DeForrest) The De Forests of Avesnes ...
J.W. De Forest, The Tutle, Morehouse & Taylor Co, 1900
288 pp, index, unbound & uncut,, $10.00

5569(Dewing) Descendants of Andrew Dewing of Dedham MA
Benjamin Dewing, 1904, photocopy reprint
165 pp, index, wraps, Andrew d. 1677, $22.00

6028(Dexter) Dexter Genealogy Being a Record of the Families Desc. from Rev. Gregory
S.C. Newman, Providence, 1859
108 pp, missing fly pages, worn covers with spine edges frayed, Greg d 1700 RI, $75.00

8058(Dickey) Genealogical History of the Dickey Family
Richard Currier, Capital City Press, Montpelier VT, 1935
340 pp, index, photos, slight mildew stain to covers, desc of Adam of NH died mid 1700's, $50.00

fd22(Dodge) Genealogical History of One Branch of the Dodge Family
T.H. Dodge, Worchester, 1880
20 pp, wraps, desc of Elisha b 1723 MA d NH, $30.00

4655(Doebler) The Wallace H. Doebler Family of Macomb Co Georgia
Wallace Doebler, Gateway Press, Balt, 1989
415 pp, index, desc of John 1830-1860, also Geis, Funk, Sass families and alot about the author, $20.00

1876(Dole) The Dole Family Heritage Book
Beatrice Baley Inc., 1981
yes it is a rip off at $30+ but at $5.00 it is worth the list, $5.00

7964(Dougherty) Family History of James Dougherty and Lineage of Descent
Wm. Dougherty, Nickelsville VA, 1930
50 pp, small booklet, James born Ireland family in VA after third generation only names no dates, $25.00

6084(Dye) The K.A.R.D. Files - Dye Data, Vol 1
John & Judy Dye, Spokane WA, 1983
45 pp, index, wraps, various info, $12.00

10012(Eaton) Families of the Pilgrims, Francis Eaton
Hubert Kinney Shaw, MA Soc Mayflower Desc, Boston MA, 1955
6 pp, stapled wraps, covers first 3 generations, $15.00

9153(Edwards) Richard Edwards and His Wife Catherine Pond May their Ancestors Lives
and Decendabts, Maurice Edwards, 1931
209 pp, index, photos, corners bumped, soiling to covers, Richard born 1803 Brrome Co NY lived Pittsburgh, $45.00

7883(Ela) Genealogy of the Ela Family Descendants of Israel Ela of Haverhill MA
David Hough, Manchester CT, 1896
44 pp, index, added notes in margin, front hinge tender, Israel m. Abigail Bosworth, d. 1700, $70.00

9317(Eldridge) The Ancestry & Descendants of Duncan Cambell Eldridge & Stephen Bawden .. .
Alice Sloane, Anudsen Pub. Co., Decorah IA, 1986
294 pp, index, photos, family starts in NJ and Scott Co IA, Bawden from PA to IA, $35.00

fe10(Ellis) Early New England People ... Ellis, Pemberton, Willard, Prescott, Titcomb..
Sewall & Longfellow, S.E. Titcomb, Boston, 1882
289 pp, hinges weak, $40.00

9314(Ellsworth) Our Ellsworth Ancestors
German & Mary Smith Ellsworth, Utah Printing Co., 1956
257 pp, index, photos, desc of Joshiah of Windsor CT mid 1600's, few pen marks in margin, $35.00

7088(Fauntleroy) The Faunteleroy Family
extracted from Some Prominent Families, fascimile reprint
6 pp, wraps, $3.00

1087(Faxon) The History of the Faxon Family ...Desc of Thomas Faxon...
G.L. Faxon, Springfield MA, 1880
377 pp, index, rebound new covers, ex LoC, Thomas d 1680 Braintree MA,, $65.00

ff6(Ferguson) Our Wm. Ferguson Ancestry
E.V. Smith, Edwards Brothers Inc., Ann Arbor MI, 1938
39 pp, wrps, vg, Wm of Chester Co PA, $20.00

6876(Fillebrown) Genealogy of the Fillebrown Family with Biographical Sketches
Charles Fillebrown, Boston, 1910
ca 250 pp, index, photos, wear to top cover edge, desc of Thomas d. 1713 of Midlesex Co MA, $75.00

FF1(Fish) The Genealogy & Desc. of Luke Fish, Sr. from 1760-1904
David Fish, Philadelphia, 1904
80 pp, wraps, photos, Shelby Co. OH fam., $25.00

4382(Fisher) Ancestors & Children of Col David Fisher and his wife Sybil Draper
Robert Stewart, Phila, 1899
33 pp, oversized vg, David of Dedham MA, & Belpre Oh d. 1824, $55.00

8036(Fletcher) The Diary of Calvin Fletcher Vol 1 1817-1838
Gayle Thornbrough ed, IN Hist Soc, Indianapolis, 1972
516 pp, index, lawyer in IN also land speculator,, $20.00

6393(Gamble) In Memoriam Hamilton Rowan Gamble, Gov. of Missouri
George Knapp & Co., St. Louis. 1864
97 pp water stain to title page and top edge, 20 % spine missing, covers worn, $13.00

FG2(Ganders) Pioneering Ganders
Harry S. Ganders, NY, 1974
126 pp, photos, Desc of John Ganders of WA 1884, $18.00

8205(Gary) Descendants of Stephen Gary of Charleson MA & Wm. Ticknor of Scituate MA...
George Ticknor, Detroit, 1959
77 pp, appears to be some form of early photo reproduction, both families early setlers of WI, $30.00

8013(Gates) The Life of George Augustus Gates
Isabel Smith Gates, The Pilgrim Press, Boston, 1915
78 pp, soiled covers, President of Fisk Univerisity, $5.00

1669(Giles) The Giles Genealogical Memoirs of the Familes Bearing the Names of Giles,
Gould, Holmes, Jennison, Leonard, Lindall, Curwen. Marshall. Robinson,
Sampson, & Webb, J.A. Vinton, Boston, 1864, rebound with new spine & end pages, $85.00

13075(Glassell) Virginia Genealogies. A Genealogy of the Glassell Family of Scotland & VA
Rev. Horance Hayden, 1891, reprint Genealogical Pub Co., Balt., 1979
759 pp, index, 5.5" x 8.5" wear to cloth covers with bumnping of corners, soiling to fore edges, previous owner's name stamp, $50.00

8600(Goddard) The Goddard Family
John & Pearl Goddard Garms, Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1984
1707 pp in 2 vols, index, various lines, $65.00

14313(Gould) Family of Zaccheus Gould of Topsfield
Benjamin A. Gould, Thos Nichols Pub, Lynn MA, 1895
351 pp, index, fold out map, rebound in cloth covers, 1 page detached and appears a blank page is missing, to US in 1638, $50.00

8143(Graue) The Graue Family
Norman R. Peters, Gateway Press, Balt 1989
378 pp, index, photos, vg, family in IN, IL, MO, $35.00

6093(Grazier) The Grazier Family Heritage Book
Beatrice Bayley Inc, 1983
316 families with this surname, $5.00

14516(Green) Green Family Chronicle
Annette Womack, Winfield LA, 1984
ca 125 pp, stapled card stock covers, misc info on Green family, marriages, census etc, this may have been the only vol pub., $15.00

8115(Green) The Green Family of Otisfield Maine
Phillip C. Greene, NY, 1976
92 pp, index, photos, ancestors and descendants of Benjamin b 1748 CT died 1824 ME, $22.00

fg13(Grennan) The Amazing Story of the Grennans in America
Sharon Taylor, 1983
ca 110 pp, yes it is one of the "rip off" histories, but it does contain ca 200 addresses of Grennans, $5.00

7752(Grier) Grier of San Francisco Builder in the West & His Family 1878-1988
Wm. Grier, Grier & Co, Denver, 1989
320 pp, index, photos, ex-lib,desc of Wm of San Francisco, $15.00

14188(Griffith) Griffith Family A Few of the Descendants of Wm & Sarah Muccubbin Griffith
Howard Griffith Stevenson, Isaac Upham Co, 1927
267 pp, index (??), red cloth covers, spine cocked, family in Maryland, $60.00

5597(Grove) This is My Story
J.G. Grove, Commerce TX, 1966
167 pp, slight warping of pages, Groves of TN, $10.00

5565(Gurney) Gurney 1800-1965 Brydon 1837-1965 Family History
Gladys Lichtenwalter, Ensinger Printing Service, Adamstown PA, 1965
154 pp, photos, Will Co. IL family Wm. Gurney of England, James Brydon of Livingston Co, $25.00

FH5(Hadley) Gen. Rec. of Moses Hadley & Rebecca Page of Hudson NH ...
Samuel P. Hadley, Lowell Mass., 1887
80 pp, Moses 1750-1829 of NH, $35.00

7938(Hall) The Pedigree of Fletcher Garrison Hall
Garrison Kent Hall, New England Hist. Gen. Soc., Boston, 1979
475 pp, dj, as new, index, photos, very well done book, traced back to early 1500's, $40.00

7939(Hall) The Pedigree of Fletcher Garrison Hall
Garrison Kent Hall, New England Hist. Gen. Soc., Boston, 1979
475 pp, dj, as new, index, photos, very well done book, traced back to early 1500's, $40.00

1697(Hallowell) Records of a Branch of the Hallowell Family ...
W.P. Hallowell, Phil, 1893, Photocopy
246 pp, index, wraps, PA family, in print at $37.00, also includes Longstreth, Penrose, Norwood, $25.00

9126(Ham) Genealogy of the Ham Family and of the Young Family
Thomas Ham, 1949, facsimile reprint, Higginson Book Co
87 pp, wraps, Ham family of NH Young family of NH, $15.00

10052(Hampton) The Hampton Connection: Descendants of John Hampton, the Tailor
Charles McCleskey, Baton Rouge LA, 1975
240 pp, index, wraps with tapd spine covering about 80% flaked off, few internal marks, lived Savannah GA & Crawford & Bibbs Co, $25.00

9889(Harding) Ancestry of Addie Clark Harding Daughter of Abner Clark Harding Jr
Gladys McPherson, Chicago, 1960's
165 pp, John of England & children in Braintree MA, slight musty smell to book, few internal marks, slight wear to spine, $35.00

fh30(Harrison) The Story of the Dining Fork
Joseph Harrison, C.J. Krehbeil Co, Cincinnati, 1927
370 pp, index, spine faded, history of the Dining Fork Region of OH told through Harrison life also some Harrison family history, $65.00

10651(Harry) Aristrocratic & Royal Ancestors of Jane Harry
Leslie Ray Tucker, Timbercreek LTD, Miami OK, 1991
938 in 2 vpls, clorh covers, a look at the Harry family back through time & their connections with the Royals, $50.00

8002(Harvey) California Gold Rush: Diary of Charles H. Harvey Feb 12-Nov 12, 1852
Douglas Clanin ed., IN Hist Soc, Indianapolis, 1983
136 pp, wraps, Harvey of IN went back home, $10.00

9315(Hayner) A Haner/Hayner Family in America Descendants of Johannes Hoener
Franklin Miller, The Hayner Family Assoc, 1991
537 pp, index, photos, Johannes born 1670 Germany to America in 1710 lived New York state, $30.00

10042(Hazard) The Diaries of George Riley Hazard, 1854-1867
Dolores Merritt, Concord CA, 1981
127 pp, index, spiral bound wraps, ex-Library of Congress, daily events in his life, during the Civil War period, working for Gov, $20.00

14072(Higgins) Richard Higgins A Resident & Pioneer Settler at Plymouth & Eastham MA .. .
Mrs. Katherine Higgins, 1913, facsimile reprint by Higginson, Boston, nd
792 pp, index, modern reprint blue cloth covers, family into NJ, $65.00

9332(Hochstedler) Descendants of Barbara Hochstedler & Christian Stuzman
Rev. Harvey Hostetler, Memmonite Pub Co., Scottdale PA, 1938
1391 pp, index, hinges tender, family late 1700;s Berk Co PA., $100.00

8571(Hoffer) The History of Daniel & Sarah Heberling Hoffer Family
Giles & Mary Hoffer, Northglenn CO, 1975
484 pp, photos, index, wear to cover, smoke smell, slight underlining, family in Berks Co PA and then Fairfield Co OH, $35.00

Yankee from Olympus Justice Holmes and His Family
Catherine Bowen, Little Brown & Co, 1945
465 pp, index, biography of Oliver Wendall Holmes, soiled spine, $2.00

FH 10(Hopkins) Families of the Pilgrims
Hubewt K. Shaw, Mass Soc. of Mayflower Desc., 1955
2 small booklets, wrps, desc of Wm Brewster and Stephen Hopkins, $6.5.00

8072(Howell) The Ancestral Lines of Chester Everts Howell 1867-1949 of Elmira NY, USA
Jessie Finch, Howell Assoc, Elmira NY, 1965
173 pp, index, also Bennett, Everts, Minier, Fletcher, slight cover soiling, $35.00

2299(Huidekoper) The American Ancestry of Frederick & Reginald Huidekoper of Wash. DC
F.L. Huidekoper, Geneva, 1931
62 pp, ex-lib, soiled covers, family in MD & PA, $23.00

7835(Humphrey) Fundy Family
William Henry Irving, Durham NC, 1972
180 pp, mildew smell, photos, Humphrey & Irving family of Nova Scotia, $20.00

10037(Hutchins) The Hutchins Family The Story of Lyman Hutchins & Jane Kennan
Mary Kindow, Marshfield WI, 1981
79 pp, spiral bound wraps, photos, smaill stain to last 5 pages, family of NY came to WI in 1850, $25.00

8121(Hutson) Genealogy of some of the Branches of Hutson, Wilson, Wilken, Holmes, Wells,
Whitaker, Brown ..., James Huston, Sewickley PA, 1914
121 pp, index, photos, ex-lib, families of OH, $55.00

7256(Huxley) The Huxleys
Ronald Clark, McGraw-Hill Book Co, NY, 1968, reprint 1969
398 pp, index, dj, Thomas Huxley scientist and his clan, $5.00

FH4(Hyde) Dig or Die Brother Hyde-The Autobio of a Pioneer Preacher-Wm
Wm. J. Hyde, Harper & Brothers, NY, 1954
vg w wn dj, preacher in Dakotas from late 1880's on, 253 pp, $6.00

10057(Inglis) Descendants of David Inglis 1777-1842 in America
Erwin Otis, Ann Arbor MI, 1974
ca 65 pp, index, soiled wraps ex-Library of Congress, title page about detached, David family from Scotland to US in 1800's, $22.00

8120(Jacobs) The Jacobs Family History as of 1936
Robert Baumhardt, 1935
23 pp, wraps, 6 generations desc of Henry & Anna Jacobs born Germany lived OH, he died 1885, just names, $30.00

6646(Jay) Autobiography of Allen Jay Born 1831 Died 1910
The John C. Winston, Phila, 1910
421 pp, photos, prominent Quaker Educator, $10.00

8074(Johnson) Hannah Johnson & Poly Palmer with Some of Their Kinsfolk
Jennie Porter, The Lowell Press, Kansas City MO, 1930
83 pp + photos, desc of John of Roxbury MA died 1659, $50.00

6872(Karter) The Karter-Otte Families
Benedicta Karter, The Gregath Co., Cullman AL, 1982
190 pp, photos, both familes from Germany to OH in late 1800's, $25.00

1991(Keating) Keating & Forbes Families Reminscenses of C.A. Keating
C.A. Keating, Dallas, 1920
175 pp, photos, ex-LoC, cover spotted, not a genealogy, Keating was a banker in TX in the late 1800's, $10.00

9804(Kelly) A Genealogical History of the Kelley Family Descended from Joseph Kelley
Herman A. Kelley, Cleaveland OH, 1897
122 + 15 pp index, poor condition, Joeseph B. 1690 Norwich CT, m. Caukins, d. 1760, $35.00

9333(Kenderines) The Kenderines of America .. . Thomas Kenderine of Montgomery Shire Wales
Thaddeus Stevens Kenderdine Doylestown Pub, Doylestown PA, 1901
275 pp, slight foxxing, photos, Thomas d 1713 in Philadelphia County PA,, $75.00

10638(Kerr) The Keer Clan of New Jersey Beginning with Walter Ker of Freehold
Wm. Armstrong, 1931, reprint The Bookmark, Knightstown IN, 1980
193 pp, 4.5" x 6" cloth covers, few check marks, Walter from Scotland to NJ d 1748, $25.00

5567(Kirwin) Memorial of Monsignor J.M. Kirwin
Standard Printing & Lithographing Co., Houston, 1928
ca 120 pp, photos, glowing text, old sermons, d. 1926 in Texas, $15.00

9754(Knickerbacker) Sketches of Allied familes Knickerbacker-Viele
Kathlyne Knickerbacker Viele, NY , 1916, modern reprint Higginson, nd
135 pp, index, wraps, family late 1600's in NY, $20.00

10050(Koch) The Koch-Strawsnyder genealogy report of Springfield TS and DurhamTS PA
Kathkeen Litzenberger, self published, Whitehall PA, 1979
89 pp, wraps, photos, spiral bound wraps, ex-Library of Congress, Desc of Phillip 1709-1792 lived Saucon PA, $25.00

9410(Koppes) A Chronological Outline & .. . of the Koppes Family
C.W. Koppes, Evangelical Press, Cleveland OH, 1917
85 pp, Desc of Jacob of PA/OH, book has owner's notes throughout, $20.00

7299(Kramer) The Life & Time of Pa & Ma Kramer ...
George Kramer, Des Moines IA, 1983
125 pp, index, wraps, from Holland to Iowa, growing up on a farm in IA, $10.00

7882(Lackor) The Lackor Family
Mary McCall Middleton, Shenandoah Pub House, Strasburg, VA, 1970
205 pp, index, desc of John of Cambridge MA in early 1700's, $30.00

7033(Lackor) The Lackor Family
Mary Middleton, Shenandoah Pub House, Strasburg, VA, 1970
205 pp, index, desc of John of Cambridge MA in early 1700's, $30.00

10067(Lamleins) The Lamleins A Portrait of the family in America
Robet A. Lamlein. Toldeo OH, 1980
202 pp, spriral bound wraps, ex-LoC, photos, descendants of Nicholas of Germany family to US in 1850's, $25.00

8099(Lary) Lary Family Genealogy Daniel Lary of NH and His Descendants
Carleton Fisher, The Courier Gazette Rockland ME, 1977
83 pp, index, Daniel b ca 1746 d ca 1800, children in Maine, $22.00

2281(Lea) The Ancestry & Posterity of John Lea ...1503-1906
J.H. & G.H Lea, Phila., 1906
611 pp, index, family in England & PA, $75.00

7572(Lee) Supplement to John Lee of CT & His Descendants ..
Leonard Lee, Meriden CT, 1900
176 pp, covers mottled, added info on the family, $50.00

9134(Lee) The Lees o Virginia - Seven Generations of an American Family
Paul Nagel, Oxford Univ Press, NY, 1990
332 pp, index, photos, dj, minor underlining, $10.00

14121(Leonard) Annals of the Leonard family
Fanny Koster, 1911, reprint Garnier & Co., Charleston SC, 1969
208 pp, 6" x 9" green cloth covers, clean & tight with tobacco smell, bumped cornersNew England Family, $45.00

5370(Lewis) Lewis of Warner Hill The History of a Family ...
Merrow E. Sorley, Columbia, MO, 1935
887 pp, cover mottled, family in VA, $85.00

fl15(List) List Family Notes
H.M. List, Battle Creek MI, 1986
ca 65 pp, wraps, a collection of misc info, $10.00

fl9(Logan) Memorial Addresses on ... John A. Logan (IL) ...House of Rep
W.B. Taylor, GPO, Wash, 1887
220 pp, shelf wear, cover slight soil, $20.00

7997(Long) The "Long Tree" and Others Longs, Davies, Thompsons, Cratins and Slatons
Margaret Winkler, Uchee Publications, Montgomery AL, 1995
350 pp, index, dj, vg, photos, desc of Gabriel Long of VA family into GA, AL, Thompson family of GA, AL, $25.00

5663(Look) Chonicles of an American Home Hillside (Wyoming NY) and its Family 1858-192
8, John Stuart Coonley, NY, 1930
253 pp, a hodge podge of material with photos, family names in House was Look, Coonley, $15.00

9092(Luckey) Arnold Luckey Family Ties
Leonard Arnold & Ethel Luckey, NY , 1931, facsimile reprint,
168 pp, wraps, index, photos, covers soiled, highlighting on 2 pages, family in Union Co IN their anscesters and descendants, $16.00

7890(McComis) The Family Heritage Book - McComis
Beatrice Bayley, 1982
only 68 families with this surname and I went to College with one of them, another rip off from OH, $2.00

fm5(McCulloch) Oscar Carleton McCulloch 1843-1891, Preacher & Practioner of Applied
Christianity, G.C. Weeks, IN Hist Soc, Indian., 1976
248 pp, index, minister of Indianapolis 1877-1891, $10.00

4978(McKinstry) Genealogy of the McKinstry Family ...
Wm. Willis, Portland, 1866, 2nd ed
46 pp, index, wraps, desc of John, family in CT, MD, front cover detached, $25.00

4979(McKinstry) Genealogy of the McKinstry Family ...
Wm. Willis, Boston, 1858
28 pp, wraps, disbound, desc of John, $25.00

7837(Merryman) Walter Merryman of Harpwell, Maine and His Descendants
Rev. Charles Sinnett, Runford Printing, Concord NH, 1905
123 pp, index, covers soiled with ring spot, Walter from Ireland in mid 1700's, $50.00

1153(Milesian) A Genealogical History of the Milesian Families of Ireland .
B.W. DeCourcy, Cincinnati, OH, 1880
77 pp, guide to the origins of Irish families, $35.00

14037(Miller) Miller Family History and Descendants of Henry B. Miller
Edwin Miller, 1996 (revised ed)
281 pp, index, 7" x 9" paper covers, photos, family in Ohio, $25.00

10044(Miller) The Descendants of John Christopher Miller & Hanna Stratman Through Anna
Miller & Frederick Martens, Vol 3, Katherine Cotner, Wilmington OH, 1985
311 pp, index, spiral bound wraps, ex-Library of Congress, family in Fairfield OH, $25.00

10047(Miller) The Descendants of John Christopher Miller & Hanna Stratman Through Catheri
Miller & John Mack, Vol 2, Katherine Cotner, Wilmington OH, 1985
226 pp, index, spiral bound wraps, ex-Library of Congress, family in Fairfield OH, $25.00

10045(Miller) The Descendants of John Christopher Miller & Hanna Stratman Through John
Miller & Rebecca Rheidenhour, Vol 6, Katherine Cotner, Wilmington OH, 1985
177 pp, index, spiral bound wraps, ex-Library of Congress, family in Fairfield OH, $25.00

10046(Miller) The Descendants of John Christopher Miller & Hanna Stratman Through John
Miller & Catherine Baker, Vol 4, Katherine Cotner, Wilmington OH, 1985
173 pp, index, spiral bound wraps, ex-Library of Congress, family in Fairfield OH, $25.00

fm38(Moore) John Jameson Moore & Lucy Jane Yeates of KY, IN & IA ...
M.W. Moore, 1983
80 pp, index, John b 1819, d 1879, $15.00

9388(Moore) War Reconstruction and Redemtion of Red River The Memoirs of Dosia Williams
Moore, Carol Wells, ed., McGinty Publications, 1990
135 pp, index, dj, a look at the Civil War and reconstruction in west central LA, $65.00

fm12(Morrell) The Ancestry of Daniel Morrell of Hartford with his Descendants
Francis V. Morrell, Hartford Ct, 1916
126 pp, index, foxing, desc of Thomas d ca 1704 in Newtown NY, $50.00

6059(Morris) The Papers of Robert Morris Vol 1 Feb 7 - July 1781
E. James Ferguson, ed., Univ of Pittsburg Press, 1973
437 pp, index, dj, papers while Morris served as Supt. of Fiance and Agent of Marine, $20.00

12020(Moseley) The Descendants of William Moseley of Norfolk Virginia
Warren Forsythe et al., Ellensburg WA, 2000
870 + 597 pp in 2 vols, cloth covers, vol 2 has corrections, family in VA in early 1600's, $60.00

6949(Munson) The Munson Record A Genealogical & Biographical Account of Capt. Thomas Mun
son..., Myron Munson, New Haven CT, 1896
1235 pp in 2 vol, hinges repaired, Thomas of CT, $150.00

6869(Newmark) California Family Newmark An Inimate History
Leo Newmark, Norton B. Stern Pub, Santa Monica CA, 1970
110 pp, index, dj, family of San Franciso,, $10.00

6692(Norman) Southern Letters and Life in the Mid 1800's
Susan Lott Clark, Waycross GA, 1993
471 pp, index, leather bound, material on Norman & Dean family AL, James was an officer in Confederate army, slight ink notations, $35.00

10068(Olson) Life Story of Henry Louis Olson
Henry Olson & Wallce Wight, 1982
112 pp, wraps, ex-LoC, Henry of MN, $15.00

14400(Orr) Family Record of John Orr and Ary Moore Orr
Orr Family Reunion, 1984
105 pp, index, photos, 8.5" x 11", punched in folder, family in Pike Co IL, $20.00

6932(Orwing) Descendants of Jacob Orwig & George Orwig
Elmer Orwig, Gateway Press, Balt, 1978
104 pp, photos, family of York Co PA, $25.00

5374(Outlar) The Outlar Family Heritage Book
Beatrice Bayley, Inc, 1985
about a dozen of them in the country, $5.00

8085(Pamplin) Heritage
Dr. Robert Pamplin, Mastermedia, NY, 1993, 2nd
529 pp, dj, Roots for a Rich white guy, Pamplin head of Georgia-Pacific Corp, traces family to Crusades, $7.00

6378(Pearson) The World Book Of Pearsons
Halbert's Family Heritage, Bath OH, nd
ca 300 pp, wraps, filler, Pearson address book from around the world, $5.00

4658(Penn) Further Light on the Ancestry of William Penn
O.F.G. Hogg, The Society of Genealogists, London, 1964
48 pp, wraps, an attempt to right (write) the history of Penn, $10.00

fp33(Phillips) Phillips Family History
H. Phillips, Lebanon TN, 1935
252 pp, index, desc of Joseph, of PA, desc into TN, ex lb of cong, vg, $50.00

fp20(Phipps) The Ancestors & Desc. of John Phipps of Sherborn
Abridged from The Phipps Genealogy, 1924
24 pp, wraps, partial desc of James of Maine, $25.00

13073(Plank) The Descendants of Samuel L. and Catherine (Yoder) Plank
J, Donald Plank, Olde Springfield Shoppe, Elverson PA, 1994
154 pp, index, photos, 6" x 9" cloth covers, family in PA, IN, IL, IA, $30.00

7010(Plumleys) The World Book of Plumleys
Halberts Family Heritage. 1995
ca 150 pp, wraps, a rip off of just addresses of this surname with filler on how to do genealogy, $5.00

1803(Pomeroy) Eltweed Pomeroy of Dorchester MA & Windsor CT & 4 Generation
W.W. Rodman, Boston, 1903
15 pp, wraps, reprinted from New England Hist & Gen Reg, $20.00

5396(Pound) Memoirs of Jerome B. Pound
Jerome Pound, 1949
340 pp, material also on Murphey, Willingham, Palmer, & Pitts families, wear to covers, $15.00

10015(Priest) Families of the Pilgrims, Degory Priest
Hubert Kinney Shaw, MA Soc Mayflower Desc, Boston MA, 1955
5 pp, stapled wraps, covers first 3 generations, $15.00

6007(Rainey) Wallace A. Rainey & Jessie Ringer Their Ancestors, Descendants & Allied Fam
Ralph Rainey, McDowell Pub, Utica KY, 1985
402 pp, index, photos, family group sheets, $35.00

7998(Reding) Indiana Stonecarver The Story of Thomas R. Reding
Ann Nolan, Keith Buckley, IN Hist Soc, Indianapolis, 1984
106 pp, wraps, photos, Reding Tombstone carver in Washington Co IN, $10.00

10069(Reich) The Henry Reich & Marie Elizabeth Simon Genealogy & Family History
Wm. Douglas Stilley, Raytown MO, 1973
ca 60 pp in folder, ex-LoC, index,with some handwritten corrections, Henry born Germany died 1884 MO, $20.00

10014(Richard More) Families of the Pilgrims, Richard More
Hubert Kinney Shaw, MA Soc Mayflower Desc, Boston MA, 1955
6 pp, stapled wraps, covers first 3 generations, $15.00

8022(Roberts) The Mark & Florence Roberts Family Saga
Mark Roberts, 1989
360 pp, 2 " upper edge of cover chewed, many photos, mostly a life history also Standard Mutal Insurance Co, $15.00

14176(Robinson) The Adin Robinson Family & Collaterals
J.B. Robinson, Libertyville, IL 1904
62 pp, fold out charts, tp partly detached, Anderson & Robinson of Ohio, $45.00

10008(Rogers) Families of the Pilgrims, Thomas Rogers
Hubert Kinney Shaw, MA Soc Mayflower Desc, Boston MA, 1955
7 pp, stapled wraps, covers first 3 generations, $15.00

7946(Roseboom) A Brief History of the Ancestors & Descendants of John Roseboom (1739-1805)
and Jesse Johnson (1745-1832), Catherine Roseboom et. al, Cherry Valley NY,
1897 ?, 140 pp, index, water stain in lower margins not into text, soiled covers, Roseboom in NY. Johnson in CT, $45.00

1771(Ruggles) Ruggles Family
appears to be typed pages from a book on Ruggles pub by E. Foote, 1959
ca 25 pp family in NY, MI, $4.00

fr11(Rusterholtz) The Swiss Family Rusterholtz in America
W.P. Rusterholtz, Erie PA, 1972
396 pp, index, vg, ex -LoC, Jacob img to Lancaster PA, 1817, $20.00

1828(Rutherford) Family Records & Events ... in the Rutherford Collection
L. Rutherford, NY, 1894
355 pp, index, many fold out charts, copies of letters, NY area, cover slight soil, $50.00

6528(Sage) Genealogical Record of the Descendants of David Sage ...
Charles Sage, Batavia, NY, 1919
128 pp, index, update of 1878 work, David of Middletown CT, d 1703, wear to spine and hinges shaken, $45.00

7574(Santee) Genealogy of the Santee Family in America
Eliis Santee, Wilkes-Barre PA, 1927
211 pp, index, photos, strange format, family in PA & NY, $55.00

fs42a(Sargent) The Sargent Family Album
American Genealogies, Inc., 1987
ca 175 pp, directory of Sargents in US & other filler on genealogy, $5.00

14039(Schlabach) A Memorial History of Daniel and John Schlabach & their lineal Descendants
Jacob Schlabach, Gordyville PA Print Shop, (1968)
229 pp, index, 5.5" x 8.5" green cloth covers with wear to corners, family in Ohio, some corrections in ink, $35.00

6014(Schoff) A Memorial of the 100 Aniv of the Marriage of Philip Schoff & Eliz Ramsay
Eloise Wilder, Greenfield IN, 1922
311 pp, index, Bucks Co PA family, slight mildew on front cover, $45.00

8598(Selderd) Selden & Kinderd of Virginia
Edna Mae Selden, 1941, reprint Higginson Book Co
224 pp, index, wraps, facsimile reprint, 4 pages with highlighting, Samuel and family to VA in 1690's in Elizabeth City Co, $23.00

1370a(Shannon) Shannon Genealogy
G.F. Hodgdon, Rochester, NY, 1905
578 pp, index, 3/4 leather, 2 pp taped in, desc of Nathaniel of Boston, several fold charts, $100.00

14120(Sheek) The History of the Sheek Family 1753-1973
Ann Sheek, 1973
78 pp, index, photos, 6" x 9" red cloth covers, slight tobacco smell, family in PA & NC, $40.00

14399(Sherer) The Ancestors & The Descendants of Daniel Jacob Sherer & Henry Hickman
Bertha Wilson, Rardin Graphics, Charleston IL, 1978
41 pp, index, 8.5" x 11", soiled cardstock covers, inscribed, family in Ohio & IL, $20.00

2468(Smith) Facts & Fancies of Family History
E.E. Smith Marcy, Bowman Pub. Co., Evanston, IL, 1911
160 pp, illus, desc of Ralph Smith and Wm. Clark, cover wear, faded spine, $30.00

14520(Smith) The Family of Adrian Vestal & Anzalette Speck Smith
Irene Smith Crippen, Cyclone, Copy Center, Ames IA, 1977
466 pp, brown covers with damage to spine and crack to outer hinge, photos, charts, memoirs, $35.00

5843(Smith) The First Skilled Craftsman The Smith - Smith Ubiquitous Such a Name
Elsdon Smith, THe Clare Co, Skokie IL, 1977
199 pp, soiled wraps, more than I want to know anout the name, $6.00

5446(Stamour) The Amazing Stamour New World Registry
Sharon Taylor, 1986
ca 75 pp, wraps, addresses from both US & Canada, $5.00

13063(Stevens) The Stevens Genealogy
Elvira Stevens Barney, Skelton Pub., Salt Lake City, 1907
319 pp, index, photos, vg, shelf wear to spine, covers various lines, $75.00

9535(Stewart) Genealogy of Hugh Stewart and Descendants
Francenia White, Ester Hunt, Emma Lyman, F.J. Heer Printing, Columbus 1914
181 + 12 pp, index, Hugh b. 1757 PA, d. 1824 Frankfort OH, left 14 children, corners bumped ow vg, $70.00

fs20(Stilson) I Like to Remember
Amy Belle Stilson, manuscript from 1939, copy made in 1962
25 pp, she was a desc of Sam Davis of CT,, $15.00

5365(Stone) The Homestead of Gregory Stone in Lincoln (MA)
An Address by Daniel Stone at Meeting of Stone Family Assoc., 20 June 1914
15 pp, wraps, vg, mid 1600's, $17.5.00

1300(Storey) Family Recollections
Mariana T. Storey, Boston, 1925
99 pp, some ancestors are mentioned, majority of book is spent on authors recollections, $20.00

1548(Studwell) Studwell Family of Fairfield County CT
no author( J.W. Studwell ?), 1899
45 pp, few pencil notes, desc of Thomas, $35.00

7205(Summers) Dear Sister Letters Written on Hilton Head Island 1867
Josephine Martin ed., Beaufort Book Co, Beaufort SC, 1977
133 pp, dj, index, letters by a 23 year old female teacher of freedmen on Hilton Head to her sister in CT, $15.00

6408(Taylor) The Taylor Quarterly Vol 1#3-Vol 2#4 & Vol 3#3
Antoinette Condo ed., Falls Church VA, 1983-1984
ca 200 pp in 7 vols, wraps, misc info, $25.00

ft11(Teape) Teape A Genealogy with Special Reference to those outside US
J.H. Day, Athens OH, 1983
110 pp, wraps, index, Teape family in UK, ex-Lib of Cong, $13.00

6322(Thacher) Ella Waltrous Lauder 1864-1953 Song Writer-Verse and Prose ...
Elwood Thacher, Winter Haven FL, 1996
124 pp, spiral bound wraps, info on Watrous, Luce, Thacher, Pond families, $8.00

7892(Thomas) Weldon Thomas & Bertha Graves Thomas Family Reunion
ca 50 pp, wraps, family in WV, list of members, early history of Weldon, in late 1800's, $10.00

8067(Towle) Descendants of Jonathan Towle 1747-1822 of Hampton & Pittsfield, NH
Alvin Towle, C.W. Calkins & Co, Boston, 1903
312 pp, index, photos, Jonathan was a descendant of Philip of England who settled in NH in mid 1600's, vg, $75.00

1371a(Vaughan) Reminiscences & Genealogical Record of the Vaughan Family of NH
G.E. Hodgdon, Rochester, NY, 1918
169 pp, index, 3/4 leather, front outer hinge cracked, desc of Wm., of Portsmouth, $75.00

8155(Volentine) A Proud Inheritance Family Genelogy of James Volentine & Eliz. Hall Volenti
John Head, J & W Enterprises, Shreveport, LA, nd, ca late 1980's
ca 200 pp. wraps, photos (did not reproduce well), James born 1813 in NJ, died LA 1866, $16.00

7463(Walker) The Story of My Ancestors in America
Rev. Edwin Walker, Chicago, 1895
72 pp, index, sunned and stain cover, desc of Philip Walker of Rehoboth also Sawyer, Gile, Gilkey, $60.00

fw4(Wallace) The Wallaces of IA
Russell Lord, Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, 1947
615 pp, index, photos, Sec of Agriculture in 1930's, $12.00

7955(Walworth) The Walworths of America ...
Clarence A. Walworth, The Weeds-Parsons Printing Co, Albany, NY, 1897
196 pp, index, desc of Wm of CT, b 1694, $60.00

10280(Ware) Sketches of the Life & Travels of Thomas Ware
Thomas Ware, 1842, reprint with no date
264 pp, spiral bound reprint, bio of early Methodist preacher, $12.5.00

6523(Washburn) Ebeneser Washburn His Ancestors and Descendants with some Connected Familie
Geo. T. Washburn, American Mission Lenox Press, Pasumali S. India, 1913
209 pp, index, photos, family in both England & America, desc of John in America, came to states ca 1630, $60.00

4810(Weitz) The Weitz Saga
Howard Brumley, 1986
338 pp, dj, photos, desc of Peter from 1820, $28.00

9132(Wells) International Wells Research Index
Wells Family Research Assoc, 1996
256 pp, wraps, who is researching which line, $10.00

9129(Wells) The Wells Chronicles Vol 1 #1 - Vol 6 # 1
Wells Family Research Assn, 1988- 1996
667 pp, loose but punched to fit a 3-hole binder, some underlining, tons of info on Wells familiy world wide, $50.00

7575(Wenger) The Men from Wengen ... The Wenger Winger-Wanger History ...
John Fetzer, 1971
446 pp, photos, family in Lancaster Co PA, Darke Co OH, IN, MI, $40.00

7623(Wherry) The Making of a Political Leader Kenneth S. Wherry & the US Senate
Marvin Stromer, Univ. of Nebrraska Press, Lincoln, 1969
202 pp, dj, stain to fore-edge, NE senator, $12.00

10292(White) Account of the Meeting of the Descendants of Col. Thomas White of Maryland
No author stated, Philadelphia, 1879
211 pp, index, cloth covers with wear, bumped corner, Thomas born 1704 London, d 1779 Hartford Co MD, $55.00

14554(White) Ancestral Chronological Record of the White Family From 1607 to 1895
Thomas White, 1895, reprint, Calvin Gruver, nd
320 pp + index, photos, dk red cloth covers with shelf wear, bmps crns, desc of Wm died 1621, a Piligram, $35.00

6015(White) Some White Family History
Arthur K. White, Denver CO, 1948
432 pp, photos, covers worn, small tear in spine, missing flyleaf, the Whites of Pillar of Fire Fame, $10.00

9561(White) The Descendants of William White of Haverhill MA
David A. White, American Printing & Engraving Co., Boston, 1889
80 pp, portraits, chip from spine, shelf and corner wear, b 1610 England d 1690, $65.00

1802(Whiting) Whiting Genealogy - Nathaniel Whiting of Dedham MA, 1641 ...
T.S. Lazell, Boston, 1902
80 pp, index, unbound copy, covers first 5 generations, $17.00

5306(Whitney) The Ancestors & Descendants of Theodore Roosevelt Whitney
Harold Whitney, Gateway Press, Balt, 1994, 2nd ed
315 pp, photos, Profile of an African American family, family in NC, $25.00

6097(Whittlessy) Memorial of the Whittlesey Family in the United Staes
The Whittlesey Assoc., 1855
125 pp, index, various lines, poor cond, missing spine, cover loose and rough, $35.00

6633(Whytes) Whytes Across America
Mary Whitney Inc, 1989
13 pp of names less filler, just an address of Whytes in US - it is from Bath OH, $5.00

8031(Wieck) Woman fro Spillertown A Memoir of Agnes Burns Wieck
David Wieck, SIU Press, Carbondale, 1992
280 pp, index, dj, ex-lib, a labor organizer of mine workers in Illinois, $10.00

9136(Williams) Calender of the the General Holland Williams Papers in the MD Hist Soc
WPA, Balt MD, 1940
455 pp, wraps, index, General from Rev war, $35.00

5897(Williamson) Williamson Across America
Mary Whitney Inc., 1988
listing of Williamson in the country, $10.00

9384(Williford) Williford and Allied Families
Wm. Bailey Williford, Atlanta GA, 1961
284 pp, index,dj, one corner worn, one page with underlining, also Bailey, Pride, Brumby families, $45.00

10004(Winslow) Families of the Pilgrims, Edward Winslow
Hubert Kinney Shaw, MA Soc Mayflower Desc, Boston MA, 1955
7 pp, stapled wraps, covers first 3 generations, $15.00

9559(Wismer) A Brief History of Jacob Wismer and a Complete Family Register
A.J. Freitz, Mennonite Pub. Co., Elkhart IN, 1893
372 pp, index, photos, missing front fly page, Jacob b 1721 Bucks Co PA, shelf wear and foreedge wear, $70.00

fw2y(Wolfe) A Brief History of the Families of Andrew Jackson & Nancy Barton Wolfe
P. Wolfe, 1939
85 pp, photos, also McMinn, Bezer, Barton, Harlan, $30.00

3768(Work) Work Family History
John C. Work & Rhonda F. Fisher, ca 1941
75 pp, index, wraps, desc of Samuel lived in PA, OH, $32.00