Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory of Farmers and Breeders
Warren & Henderson Counties Illinois

Originally published Prairie Farmer Publishing Company, Chicago IL, 1918, 327 pp. This is a reproduction on CD and is searchable.

Farm directories can be a gold mine of information for the genealogist. They contain:
  • Farmers Directory - This contains the name of farmer, spouse with her maiden name, name of children, how many acres farmed, owns or rents the land and the year farmer moved to the county. Often this is the year the farmer was born.
  • Ads
  • Breeders Directory - in order by type of livestock.
  • Business Directory - for each small town.
  • Automobile Owner's Directory - Find if your ancestor was a Ford, Maxwell, Overland or Studebaker fan.
  • Tractor Owner's Directory - was it a Case, Moline or maybe a Hart-Parr?
  • Articles on farming.

Using the Peoria farm directory as an example the type of material that can be glen from the book is the following. E.S. Glasgow first appeared in Peoria Co in 1861 (this could be his birth year or the year he moved to the county). He married Jennie McMillian and they had the following children: Edna Edith, Fern, Lucille and Glen. A Fern Glasgow is listed as the wife of San Johnson. E.S.'s farm, West View Farm, consists of 260 acres which he owns. The farm is located section 4 of Logan TS near Hanna City. He breeds Hampshire hogs & White Wyandotte chickens. His farm tractor is a 10-20 International and he drives a Cadillac and Ford. Near him lives the family of W.E. Glasgow.

Warren county is located in west cental Illinois and is surrounded by McDonough, Fulton, Knox, Mercer and Henderson counties. The county seat is Monmouth and other towns are Alexis, Berwick, Cameron, Gerlaw, Kirkwood, Little York, Smithshire, Swan Creek, and Youngstown.

Henderson county is located in west central Illinois and is surrounded by Mercer, Warren, McDonough and Hancock counties. The county seat is Oquawka and other towns are Biggsville, Carman, Decorra, Gladstone, Lomax, Media, Raritan, Stronghurst, and Terre Haute.

About the CD: This CD provides the genealogist the opportunity to have access to information from a book that is difficult to locate in the used book market. The CD was made by scanning an original copy of the book. Any defect such as notes in the margin or light text will also appear in the CD version. The CD requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file, the latest Windows version is included with the CD. The Mac & Window readers can also be downloaded from the Adobe website. The information on the CD can either be printed out and read in the traditional manner or viewed with your computer. When viewing on your screen the page size can be increased to make reading easier.The second scan on the right is at 200%. This CD is searchable and has a series of bookmarks making navigation through the file easier. The CD is packaged in a projective sleeve.

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