Portrait and Biographical Record of Record of Vermilion County Illinois

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Originally published Chapman Brothers, Chicago, 1889. This is a reproduction on CD and is searchable. The first 190 pages of the original work which contains boiler plate on the presidents and governors was omitted in this reprint. This edition contains 583 pages. The book contains bio and portraits of citizens of the county. This copy is missing the views of the farms of Goodwine, Leeemon and Watts.

Vermilion county is in east central Illinois and is surrounded by Iroquois County, Benton County, Indiana, Warren County, Indiana, Vermillion County, Indiana, Edgar County, Douglas County, Champaign County, and Ford County. The county seat is Danville and other towns are Alvin, Belgium, Bismarck, Catlin, Fairmount, Fithian, Georgetown, Henning, Hoopeston, Indianola, Muncie, Oakwood, Potomac, Rankin, Ridge Farm, Rossville, Sidell, Tilton and Westville.

About the CD: This CD provides the genealogist the opportunity to have access to information from a book that is difficult to locate in the used book market. The CD was made by scanning an original copy of the book. Any defect such as notes in the margin or light text will also appear in the CD version. The CD requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file, the latest Windows version is included with the CD. The Mac & Window readers can also be downloaded from the Adobe website. The information on the CD can either be printed out and read in the traditional manner or viewed with your computer. When viewing on your screen the page size can be increased to make reading easier. This CD is searchable and has a series of bookmarks making navigation through the file easier. The CD is packaged in a projective sleeve.

Book# = IL74

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Names Listed in the Table of Contents

Abbott, Franklin
Adams, Ellis
Adams, John
Adams, John
Albright, Alanson
Albright, Samuel
Alexander, F. M.
Allen, George
Allen, Hon. Charles
Allen, Wm.
Allhands, F. M.
Amis, James
Amis, Mrs.
Ankrum, Asa
Ankrum, A. L.
Ankrum, George
Arbuckle, A. T.
Armantrout, Hiram
Armstrong, Thomas
Babb, Ira
Baker, C.A.
Baldwin, F.
Baldwin, J.R.
Bandy, John
Bandy, William
Banta, J.H.
Banta, William
Bantz, Ezra
Barnett, Geo.
Barnett, R. E.
Barnett, F. V.
Barnett, James
Bass, Henry
Baum, C. C.
Baum, Charles
Baum, Frank
Baum, G. T.
Baum, Oliver
Baum, S.W.
Bennett, Henry J.
Bennett, D. C.
Blair, Samuel
Blakeney, T. W.
Blakeney, John
Boardman, V. R.
Boggess, J. W., M.D.
Bolden, John E.
Boyce, Henry
Brady, John
Brady, Thomas
Branham, A.
Brewer, J. W.
Brooks, John
Brown, William
Buchanan, W. W.
Buhl, Charles
Burroughs, Major Wilson
Busby, I. N.
Bushnell, H. L.
Butler, W. T.
Cadle, Philip
Campbell, D.
Campbell, J. J.
Canaday, G. W.
Canaday, Henry
Canaday, William
Cannon, Hon. J. G.
Caraway, C. T.
Carter, Frank
Cassell, Eliza
Cast, Wilbur
Cast, William
Catherwood, A. T.
Catherwood, J. S.
Cauble, William B.
Cessna, John
Cessna, Wm.
Chace, Henry
Chandler, Wm.
Chandler, W. R.
Christman, J. S.
Church, Charles
Clark, John
Clarkson, George
Clifton, James
Clingan, J. S.
Clipson, Wm.
Cloyd, J. P., M. D.
Coake, Rev. David
Coffman,S. A., M. D.
Cole, John
Collier, Alexander
Collins, John
Cook, Amos
Cook, J. F.
Cook, James
Cook, Joseph
Cook, Samuel
Cooper, Charles
Cooper, Mrs. Lucinda
Cooper, John
Copeland, Wm.
Cotton, Henry
Cox, Thomas
Crane, John
Crane, O. H.
Cranson, John
Crimmins, John
Cunningham, W. O.
Current, H. B.
Current, Isaac
Current, J. M.
Dalbey, Aaron
Dalbey, Samuel
Daniel, O. M.
Darnall, A. J.
Davis, Henry
Davis, H. V.
Davis, James
Davis, Jesse
Davis, Jonah
Davis, Judge O. L.
Davis, William
Dazey, Jacob
Dicken, David
Dickinson, William
Dickson, David
Dickson, Silas
Dickson, S. S.
Dillon, Jonathan
Dilon, Geo.
Dixon, Alfred
Dodson, Geo.
Donovan, S. P.
Dougherty, B. F.
Douglass, D. B.
Douglass, J. M.
Downing, C. L.
Downs, W. H.
Dunavan, A.
Eaton, Adam
Edens, Dr. Geo.
Elder, A. W.
Elliott, Clayton
Elliott, H. C.
Elliott, John
Elliott, Robert
Elliott Wesley
Engelmann, John
Evans Geo.
Evans, Hon. David
Fagner, Christian
Faurot, Ira
Finley, M.T.
Finley, Watts
Fisher, Jho. W.
Fisher, Michael
Fisk, J. W.
Fisk, R. W.
Fithian, E. C. B.
Fithian, Wm., M. D.
Fleming, W.
Fletcher, Henry
Fletcher, Jno.
Folger, John
Folger, Uriah
Forbes, C. W.
Frazier, Samuel
Freeman, A. C.
Freeman, H. L.
French, Ersom
Fuliz, Jacob
Gaines, Francis
Gardner, Wm. H.
Garlaugh, H.
Geddes, J. M.
Giddings, Albert
Giddings, Jno. W.
Goings, I. V.
Goodwine, J. W.
Gossett, M. B.
Graves, Levi
Gray, C..F.
Gray, William
Green, Bingham
Gritten, Laben
Grundy, A.
Gurley, Daniel
Guthrie, Andrew
Guthrie, Thomas
Hacker, F, M.
Hagley, T. K.
Harper, A
Hawkins, William
Haworth, Beriah
Haworth, Thos.
Haworth, W. B.
Hays, James
Hayward, Martin
Healy, James
Heileman, Geo
Henton, C. D.
Herron, William
Hester, Cassius
Hester, William
Hewes, T. F.
Hildreth, John
Hillman, Charles
Hinshaw, Dr. D. C.
Hoagland, Geo.
Honeywell, A.
Hoopes, Thomas
Hopper, Lewis
Howard, Guy
Huffman, Geo.
Hull, C. F.
Hull, J. F., M. D.
Humphreys, Thomas
Humrichous John
Jack, Reuben
Jackson, Amos
Jackson, Jno.
Jackson, J. L.
Johnston, David
Jones, A.
Jones, E. P.
Jones, F.
Jones, Geo. Wheeler, M. D.
Jones, Ira
Jutly, William
Jurgensmeyer, William
Kelly William
Kent, W.W.
Keplinger Thomas
Kimbrough, A. H., M. D.
Kilbourn, Jonathan
Kingsky, V. C. T., M. D.
Kinsey, Jno
Knox, R. M.
Langley, Casper
Larrance, Jonathan
Larrance, M. L.
Layton, D.
Leach, Benj. F.
Lee, Thomas
Leeka, Dr. Jesse
Leemon, Jno.
Lemon, Theodore M. D.
Lewis, Allen
Ligget, Jesse
Lloyd, Henry
Long, Anthony
Lytle, J. R.,M. D.
Makemson, Hiram
Makemson, John
Mann, A.
Mann, W. J.
Manning, L. V.
Matteson, Joel
McBroom, William
McCabe, John
McCaughey, T.C.,M.D.
McCaul, Michael
McDowell, Archibald
McDowell, Mrs. E. C.
McGee, John
McKee,T. D.
McMellan, James
McVey, John
McMillin, William
Mendenhall, John
Mendenhall, Silas
Miller, Geo.
Miller, J. W.
Miller, William
Mills, Henry
Mills, William
Mitchell, James
Moreland, Mrs. C. T.
Moreland, Thomas
Morgan, S.Ross
Morgan, T. M.
Moses, J. S.

Moses, J. S.
Moss, Joseph
Newell, Henry
Newkirk, Jno.
Newlin, Jno.
Norris, N. J.,
Neville, Geo.
Oakes, Daniel
Oakwood, H. J.
Oakwood, Hon. J. H.
Oakwood, Michael
Odle, Miles
Olehy, F. M.
Olehy, William
Olmsted, A. G.
O'Neal, Perry
Orr, James
Owen, Alexander
Padgitt, John
Park, Timothy
Parrish, John H
Partlow, Asa
Partlow, John
Pasteur, F. J.
Pate, B.C.
Patterson, Golden
Patterson, Mrs. Mary
Patterson, William
Patton, Merrick
Pearson, Gustavus C.
Peirce, Hon. Wm. P.
Peterson, Philip
Pratt, Thomas
Price, W. H.
Poettken, Rev. F, A.
Pugh, Granville
Pugh, Martin
Puzey, H.
Rees, William
Reid, D. B.
Reid, L. A.
Reynolds, Moses
Reynold,s, Theodore
Reynolds, Thomas
Rice, Daniel
Rice, J. J.
Rice, T. R.
Richardson, F. A.
Richardson, Joseph
Richardson, Margret
Rickart, W. V.
Riggs, Luther A.
Robertson, J, J.
Robertson, Zachariah.
Robinson, H M.
Rodrick, William H.
Ross, John E.
Ross, Mrs. Susan
Rouse, Dennis
Rowand, John
Salladay, Jno.
Sanders, George
Sandusky, Guy
Sandusky, A.
Sandusky, James
Sandusky, J. S.
Sandusky, William
Sandusky, W. T.
Sconce, Mrs. Emma
Sconce, James
Sconce, William
Shaw, S. S.
Sidell, J. J.
Sinkhorn, A. J.
Slaughter, R. S.
Smith, David R.
Smith, F. P.
Smith, Geo.
Smith, R.B.
Smith, William
Snow, Abner
Snowden, B. F.
Snyder, E.
Southworth, J. J.
Sperry, O.
Spry, G. M.
Stadler, Adam
Stallings. J.
Stark, Samuel
Steams, Alvin
Steams, Calvin
Stevens, Jas.
Stevens, Samuel
Stevens, W. T.
Stine, James M.
Stufflebeam, O. P
Sullivan, Geo.
Swaim, Dr. P.H.
Talbott, H. E.P.
Taylor, Buford,M.D.
Taylor, Thomas
Thomas, John
Thompson, James
Thompson, John
Thompson, J. R.
Tillotson, Luther
Tilton, Fred
Tilton, G. W.
Thompson, Samuel
Trimble, M.
Trisler, John
Truax, Capt. Joseph
Turner, Dr. Jno. W.
Van Allen, Jno. H.
Van Allen, William
Van Duyn, John
Vanneman, Wm.
Van vickle, Enoch
Villars, G. M.
Vinson, Levin
Voorhes, Albert
Warner, C. W.
Webster, Miss Sarah
Wherry, Joseph
White, A. L.
White, James
White, William
Whitton, Chas
Wilkins, Judge J. W.
Williams, Nathan
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Truman
Williams, William
Winter, Carl
Winters, W.V.
Witherspoon, W. P.
Worthington, R. R.
Wright, Charles
Wright, Hugh
Yerkes, Hiram
Young, Charles
Zeigler, Benjamin

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