History of Macon County Illinois

With Illustrations Descriptive of Its Scenery
and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Promiment Men & Pioneers

Originally published Brink, McDonough and Company, Phialdelphia, 1880. This is a reproduction on CD and is searchable. This edition contains 277 pages; blank pages from the original were omitted. The first section of the book contains history of the county including a large section on the list of men who served in the Civil War. The second section contains bio and portraits of citizens of the county. A listing of the entries is shown below.

Macon county is surrounded by Logan, DeWitt, Piatt, Moultrie, Shelby, Christian and Sangamon counties IL. The county seat is Decatur.

About the CD: This CD provides the genealogist the opportunity to have access to information from a book that is difficult to locate in the used book market. The CD was made by scanning an original copy of the book. Any defect such as notes in the margin or light text will also appear in the CD version. The CD requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file, the latest Windows version is included with the CD. The Mac & Window readers can also be down loaded from the Adobe website. The information on the CD can either be printed out and read in the traditional manner or viewed with your computer. When viewing on your screen the page size can be increased to make reading easier. This CD is searchable and is packaged in a projective sleeve.

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Names listed in the Table of Contents

Abbott, Nirum
Adams, Charles
Adams, O. C
Albert, G. F
Alexander, James II
Allen, D. S
Allman, Edward
Allsup, Miner R
Archer, H.
Armstrong, J.
Armstrong, William
Armstrong, W. C
Arnold, Hiram
Baker, H. S
Baker, N. M
Baker, R.
Baldwin, James S
Banton, H. J
Barbey, L. D
Barnes, Dr. Ira N
Barnes, Dr. W. A
Barron, John
Barth, Jacob W
Bassey, Edward C
Batchelder, David B
Batcheldcr, John C
Batchelder, J. J
Batchelder, Moses E
Bauer, C. R
Baum, William
Beall, Hillory
Bean, C. H
Berkler, Henry
Betzer, George W
Betzer, Peter
Betzer, Reuben
Bixby, J. G
Black, John H
Blank, William
Boggs, Dr. William R
Bommersbach, Nicholas
Bottretl, J. D
Boyce, J. C
Boyd, James P
Boyer, Melvin F
Bramble, W. H
Brett, David E
Brewer, A. I)
Brookshier, William F
Brown, Charles H
Brown, Henry H
Brown, James E
Brown, Dr. Josiah
Brown, J. W
Brown, Travis
Buffmeyer, J. S
Bundy, W. M
Burgess, Sullivan
Busher, W. F
Butzien, Frederick
Carmean, W. H
Can-, Dr. E. D
Carter, J. W
Chamberlain, W. D
Chenoweth, Dr. W. J
Childs, J. S
Clark, J. B
Clark, William
Clipston, Joseph K
Combs, Jabez J
Connaghan, Charles
Connard, Charles E
Connard, Martin E
Conover, George
Cooper, W. T
Cowen, Charles C. H
Crabb, Frank A
Crane, J. W
Crary, John M
Crawford, W. M
Crocker, John
Crocker, John H
Crow, E. W
Crow, O. T
Culver, J. H
Cussins, Dr. J. S. C
Daggett, Albion
Dammeier, Christian
Danzeisen, George J
Davidson, A. H
Bavis, Byrd L
Davis, Jerome B
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Rev. W. H
Deetz, Charles H.
Delahunty, Walter
Dempsey, Michael
Dempsey, P. J
Denise, D. E
Dennis, Andrew
Dewein, Victor
Dickey, H. E
Diekson, Adam
Dinneen, Daniel
Doake, Thomas B
Downey, Charles U
Downing, T. E
Downing, W.
TDrake, J.
LDrury, Dr. G. W
Duker, G. F
Dunston, A. J
Eberly, D. L
Ehrhart, Joseph B
Elwood, Casper C
Ewing, Charles A
Ewing, F. N
Ewing, Mrs. Sarah Ann
Eyman, J. A
Faith, Charles H
Faith, George
Varies, Robert
Fitzgerald, J. R
Fletcher, J. W
Koulke, Edward
Foulke, W. L
Frank, John
Freeman, James
Freeman, Mrs. Margaret A
Gage, Wilson S
Garver, William S
Gastman, E. A
Gepford, S. R
Gerber, Samuel'
Gilman, G. Fred
Given, J. F
Glore, Capt. J. H
Gogerty, John
Goode, F. R
Gorin, Jerome R
Gorin, O. B
Graves, J. W
Gray, Dr. James L
Green, Joshua
Greene, O. Z
.Griffith, James G
Grimm, Samuel
Gushard, William
Guthridge, C. K
Hadwin, James
Hagan, Henry
Haines, Frank W
Hamman, John W
Hamman, Philip P
Hammer, W. L
Hamsher, William
Hankins, Charles S
Hardy, J. K
Harpstrite, Augustus
Harpstrite, Edward
Hartley, C. J
Hays, Charles
Heckler, Anthony
Hendricks, Jacob C
Henshie, David
Highly, H. L
Hight, John R
Hight, Robert W
Hilbrant, S. 0
Hildebrandt, Theodore
Hill, Douglas D
Hill, H. W
Hilvety, V. F
Hobbs, Rev. James
Hodge, H. D. M
Holiday, Harry L
Hollinger, James
Holman, Carey L
Hooper, W. J
Hostetler, George F
Housley, Mrs. N. J
Hoy, Simon P
Hunter, W. B
Hurst, C. M
Imboden, C. M
imboden, J. G
Jacobsen, Henning
Jimison, G. A
Johns, Dr. H. C
Johnson, Milton
Johnston, William
Jones, Charles
Jones, Thomas B
Jones, William 0
Jones, Yong P
Jostes, Henry
Joynt, J. J.,
Kaylor, G. W
Keck, John A
Keister, John F
Keller, John G
Kemmerly, J. F
Kepler, Mrs. Fannie
Kile, Isaac W
Kincaid, Robert F
Knouff, A. S
Koehler, Louis
Kohr, Jacob W
Kraschel, Frederick
Kreher, Adam
Kreidler, Henry
Kretzer, David
Krone, N. L
Kuhns, Henry B
Lanham, Benjamin F
Laux, Charles
Leavitt, T. N
Leffingwell, L. B. C
LeForgee, C. C
Lehman, Frank P
Lehn, F. W
Lehn, George W
Lehn, John P
Lewis, Charles
Lewis, Dwight F
Lonergan, Dr. M. V
Love, Joseph
Lowe, G. F
Lowry, Francis M
Lowry, John M
Ludwig, Charles
Lunn, Henry
Lyon, George S
Lytle, R. P
McCune, George
McDonald, E. S
McEvoy, John
McLean, Dr. C. A
McLean, Dr. W. T
Magee, William J
Major, Jacob
Malone, Jones
Matthew, Dr. John B
Matthew, John L
Maxon, Maywood
May, Dr. S. R
Melton, Dr. W. A
Melvin, L. A
Meridith, F. M
Merris, E. M
Mettlen, Alexander T
Meyers, Mrs. Lovina
Miller, John R
Millikin, James
Mills, A. H
Mills, Joseph
Mills, L. A
Mittan, Dr. F. J
Moffett, W. T
Montgomery, A. R
Montgomery, James H
Moore, Josiah A
Mowry, H. C
Mueller, Hieronymus
Murphey, Martin P
Myers, Dr. N. D
Nelson, William E
Nesbitt, A. S
Newell, William B
Nicholls, R. A
Nichols, J. E
Nottelmann, J. II
Oren, John H
Osborne, J. E
Outten, G. C
Owen, H. M
Packard, Silas
Parker, Benjamin
Parker, James H
Parker, J. P
Parker, Dr. O. F
Patterson, David
Pedicord, J. J
Persinger, J. M
Pfister, Charles C
Pharo, Isaac F
Phelan, Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Pickle, Newton F
Pitner, Thomas W
Pollock, Dr. M. D
Pope, Walter
Porter, Dr. D. W
Powers, Orlando
Powers, Samuel
Powers, Thomas
Pratt, Frank M
Price, Jacob R
Pritchett, Waller
Provost, L. E
Querry, Isaiah
Query, Titus
Race, James V
Randolph, C. C
Randolph, Guy A
Record, J. H
Ritchie, Mrs. C. M
Ritchie, Samuel
Roberts, Edwin J
Roberts, T. T
Roby, K. H
Rogers, L. E
Rothfuss, Andrew
Ruehl, Charles F
Ruthrauff, Harry
Sampson, James N
Schenck, Will
Scherer, Nicholas
Schroeder, Fred E
Schroedcr, Rudolph H
Schroeder, W. R
Scott, Owen
Scruggs, W. R
Shanklin, J. G
Shellabarger, D. S
Shettel, H. A
Shoemaker, Andrew
Short, George B
Sibley, Dr. B. F
Simpson, Butler
Singleton, Huston
Smith, Mrs. Mary E
Smith, S. K
Smith, Will L
Smith, W. S
Spangler, Joseph
Spence, Daniel C
Spencer, Read
Spitler, George B
Spittler, Fred
Spooner, P. D
Springer, T. T
Stare, George
Stare, William H
Starr, W. H
Stein, Eckhardt C
Sterrett, B.
Stewart, Francis
Stober, John G
Stoner, Dr. A. J
Stoner, T. C
Stookey, Daniel
Stoutenborough, G. S
Stontenborough, J. B
Stoutenborough, J. H
Stoutenborough, J. L
Stoutenborough, J. P
Stuart, J. T
Stuart, Oliver L
Swain, Dr. S. H
Taggart, Robert
Tait, F. B
Thatcher, Charles P
Thomas, Dr. E. H
Thompson, A. J
Thompson, Capt. George W
Tomlinson, Thomas W
Torrence, Frank D
Towne, F. P
Trimmer, Abraham
Trimmer, Andrew J
Trimmer, Daniel W
Trimmer, John F
Trimmer, Joseph F
Troutman, Jacob
Tucker, Cyrus J
Tucker, Joseph T
Tupper, Col. Ansel
Tupper, Col. N. W
Tyler, Barton S
Ulery, E. S
Underwood, James G
Van Deventer, C. J
Van Gundy, J. D
Wade, Edward
Walker, J. W
Wallace, William A
Walter, Robert
Walters, Clement C
Warburton, Joseph
Ward, J. T
Washburn, S. G
Weaver, Samuel
Webb, S. T
Welge, Henry
Wells, F. P
Whitmer, F. H
Wilkinson, Mrs. Lamira
Willard, J. G
Williams, A. J
Williams, J. C
Williams, J. W
Williams, Robert T
Williams, W. H
Williamson, Solomon
Willoughby, W. H
Wilson, James A
Wilson, R. D
Wise, H. H
Woodcock, Harold R
Woodcock, R. H
Woods, Robert
Yohe, J. E

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